Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product Enquiry

Why choose BabyTang?

We know that most of the children do not consume as much vegetables as most mum would like them to, and that’s where our broth is made using natural ingredients that comes with flavourful taste and natural sweetness, not only delicious to try, it also brings many nutritional benefits.

Does our broth contain any artificial flavouring such as salt and sugar? And of what age can babies consume the broth?

No, our broth does not contain any artificial flavouring both salt & sugar, MSG or preservatives. Suitable for babies aged 7 months + & above, unless otherwise stated.

What are the different ways to consume the broth?

Our broth can be prepared by re-heating based on its original concentration or it can be complemented with the addition of water or other ingredients based on individual preference if desired.

Is our broth suitable for vegan?

Our vegetable broth is vegan, and 100% plant based.

What is the recommended storage period?

Our broth is best consumed within two (2) months of production date and to be kept frozen in the freezer for up to three (3) months till consumption. If the broth is completely defrosted, please do not refreeze for food safety reasons.

When shall the broth be consumed after it has been defrosted?

Once the broth is thawed, it must be kept chilled and best consumed within 48 hours.

What are the good food safety practices that we've adopted?

Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from reliable suppliers, a few key principles would be the preparation process from raw ingredients to thoroughly cooked broth to ensure food safety is being adhered at all times during the entire cooking process. After which, we will store the broth into sterilized container packaging within 1.5 hours after the broth is done.


Order Enquiry

When will I receive my order upon confirmation?

We deliver based on the following schedule every week (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Saturday) and our delivery timeslot is between 10am to 10pm for the scheduled days. For weekdays delivery, timing is dependent on traffic and orders might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, hence please select your preferred date that you’re comfortable with. 

Can I do self-collection for the broth?

Yes, self-collection is available at both Sengkang and Tampines location every Saturday between 2pm to 2.15pm.

Would I be able to cancel or edit my orders?

Unfortunately, we appreciate your understanding all items sold cannot be changed or refunded.


Delivery Enquiry

What are the applicable delivery charges?

Minimum orders of $85 and above entitled to free delivery and applicable delivery fee of $12 for orders below $85 to cover transportation costs. Delivery is currently only available in Singapore (Islandwide except Jurong Island, Sentosa Island, Tuas and other locations that are not on mainland Singapore. For these locations, additional charges of $12 will be applicable on top of the usual delivery charges).

For urgent delivery request, there is an additional charge of $12. For urgent self collection request, there is an additional charge of $6. Do note that the minimum spend for free delivery still applies.

Disclaimer: In light of Covid-19, we will try our best to fulfil your order based on the chosen delivery date. However, in the event we are unable to do so, our staff will reach out to you for changes required.

Can I request for re-delivery if there is no one at home?

Upon selection of next available delivery date, please ensure to have somebody home to receive the delivery as all our broth is delivered frozen and must be kept in the freezer as soon as it reaches you. If there is no one around, we will place it at your doorstep upon receiving your acknowledgement as the broth have to be kept in the freezer straight after left outside in room temperature for maximum of 30mins.

In the event if there is a request for re-delivery, there will be an additional charge of $12 for the next delivery.